A selection of limited edition prints from the Glenlandia archive are now available through Horsecross, Perth and ARC Projects.

Exhibitions have included:
Threshold artspace, Perth, 10 Sept 2005 - 10 Sept 2006;
FRAMED, Slade Research Centre, London 23-25 March 2006;
Timeless, York Quay Art Centre, Toronto
24 March - 30 April 2006 as part of Images Festival;
, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania, 3- 23 June 2006
Outlook Express(ed) at Oakville Galleries, Ontario, Canada;
Digital Aesthetic 2, Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston;
Webscape, Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum, Søro, Denmark 2007
and Multiplicities, ARC Projects, Sofia, Bulgaria

read about Glenlandia in Carlo Zanni's interview with Susan Collins
Magazine électronique du CIAC No 25 - été 2006
and Sean Cubitt's paper Digital Landscape and Nature-Morte for Reinventing the Medium, AAANZ Melbourne, 2006.

click here for exhibition information on Fenlandia, Glenlandia's sister piece

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glenlandia image of Loch Faskally

glenlandia at Loch Faskally © Susan Collins 2006

The above image was recorded in horizontal rows, pixel by pixel, from top to bottom and left to right, constructed over 21.33 hours on the 13th March 2006.



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