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glenlandia was developed as a distributable artwork - a full screen landscape which when the work was transmitting live could be displayed full screen installed in a gallery with the work updating in real time.

t was also possible for viewers to download the relevant display software from this page for a full screen view on their home computers.

glenlandia is no longer transmitting live however other related works are planned for 2008. Please check for news of current and forthcoming projects.

for exhibition information on glenlandia please click here

glenlandia image of loch faskally

glenlandia at Loch Faskally © Susan Collins 2005

The above image was recorded in horizontal rows, pixel by pixel, from top to bottom and left to right, constructed over the 21.33 hours leading up to 1st September 2005.

© All images copyright Susan Collins 2005
not to be used or reproduced in any form
without prior permission from the artist



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