The Spectrascope


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view from the gallery at South Hill Park


Above. South Hill Park, Bracknell, Berkshire.
Interior view from the gallery.


The Spectrascope is an artwork by London based artist Susan Collins.

This version of The Spectrascope has been commissioned for the exhibition StoryRooms, curated by Andrea Zapp and has been supported by South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, Berkshire and with funding from the Arts Council of England North East.

An earlier version was commissioned in 2004 for the Haunted Media exhibition in Site Gallery, Sheffield.

Pixel programming for The Spectrascope is by Simon Schofield and server, networking and display software by Matthew Jarvis (of Site Gallery, Sheffield)

Many thanks to:

Andrea Zapp for commissioning the work;
Tom Freshwater of South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, Berkshire for hosting the camera;
Jeanine Griffin of Site Gallery Sheffield for commissioning the earlier version of the work for Haunted Media;
Jane Marsching, Mark Alice Durant and the Center for Art and Visual Culture at
the University of Maryland, Baltimore County;
Russell, John and all the technical staff at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester;
and to Carbrook Hall, Sheffield for hosting the first version of the work


All images © susan collins 2005-8