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A 32 page full colour publication was published to coincide with the launch of In Conversation in Brighton. Funded by the Arts Council of England and edited by Bernhard Living (BN1), the publication outlines a number of site specific works from 1993-1997 by Susan Collins and includes a text by Helen Sloan. You can download a low-res (1.2 MB) PDF version of the catalogue by clicking here.

Digital Performance: A History of New Media in Theater, Dance, Performance Art, and Installation , Steve Dixon, MIT Press 2007

Fabrica: The first 10 years, published by Fabrica 2007

From Technological to Virtual Art, Frank Popper, MIT Press2006

The New Media Handbook, by Andrew Dewdney and Peter Ride, Routledge 2006

Inhabited Content: An Exploration into the role of the viewer through the realisation of In Conversation and other works
- unpublished PhD thesis click here for PDF version

The Actual and the Imagined, essay for Networked Narrative Environments ed. Andrea Zapp 2004
- available through Cornerhouse Publications online

MuuMedia Festival 98, catalogue, Gallery Otso, Espoo, Finland

Selected Reviews/Articles:

Missing the Point - Situated User Experience and the Materiality of Interaction, essay by Heidi Tikka click here for pdf
Netwatch on In Conversation, Guardian Online, Nick Babaian 22/10/98
Archis - Internet Column, July 1998 click here for pdf
AVATAR by Nat Muller, Fringecore Magazine, May 1998 click here for pdf
Brisbane Speaks unto Brighton, review of In Conversation, The Daily Telegraph, 29/12/97
A global chat...., article on In Conversation in The Independent, Network Section 9/12/97


Interview Deutchland Funk, German National Broadcasting on In Conversation, 30/04/01
Interview, SFB radio 106.8, Berlin on In Conversation, 27/04/01
BBC2 Learning Zone documentary on In Conversation, first broadcast 22/10/98
Interview with Hari Kunzru, “The Lounge”, Illumina production, Sky TV 3/9/98
Interview for BBC TV world news on In Conversation, 15/12/97
Interview for BBC TV News 24 on In Conversation, 12/12/97

surveillance still from Amsterdam

screengrab from website

photo opf projection at Chapter Arts