Harewood House, Leeds

Harewood, 23rd July 2008, 12:12pm

The above image was collected at the rate of a pixel every second via the internet in horizontal bands.
It depicts the 21 hours and 20 mins (approx.) leading up to 23rd July 2008 at 12:12pm

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In June 2008 a webcam was installed overlooking Harewood House’s classical ‘Capability’ Brown landscape. The webcam was kept in place until 3rd November 2009. It transmitted and recorded images at the rate of a pixel a second so that a whole image represents the previous 21.33 hours. Each image is collected from top to bottom and left to right in horizontal bands continuously.

There are visible fluctuations in light and movement throughout the day whilst night appears as a shifting band of black thinning and widening according to the time of year.

As well as creating a perpetually updating 'live' image onscreen, Harewood saved an image every few minutes, translating into an accumulating archive, with each image - or still - forming a complete work in itself.

A selection of these images can be viewed in the archive section of this website.


All images © susan collins 2008-9