harewood, 4th July 2008

The above image was collected at the rate of a pixel every second via the internet in horizontal bands.
It depicts the 21 hours and 20 mins (approx.) leading up to Friday 4th July 2008 at 00.06am

harewood is the latest in a series of constructed landscapes. Two earlier works, Fenlandia (2004-5) and Glenlandia (2005-7) addressed the relationship between landscape and technological innovation in the areas known as Silicon Fen and Silicon Glen respectively.

With Fenlandia technology is literally embedded in the flat horizons of a reclaimed landscape of canals, sluices, dykes and ditches, and similarly in Glenlandia what appears to be a quintessentially ‘natural’ Scottish loch-side view - Loch Faskally - is actually man made. It was created behind the hydro dam at Pitlochry, with the water levels in the Loch visibly rising and falling according to the demand for power in the neighbouring glens.

harewood more explicitly looks at the notion of a constructed landscape in relation to the picturesque. The gardens at Harewood House were designed by Capability Brown to achieve a specific aesthetic goal in relation to landscape painting (and ideals and ideas of landscape) in particular.



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