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Two webcams were installed in UK's Silicon Valley (M4 corridor), one at Venture West in New Greenham Park looking out over Greenham Common (right), from the building which used to be the Command Centre for the former US military airbase near Newbury, Berkshire.
Greenham Common is now run by a partnership between Greenham Common Trust and West Berkshire Council. The successful development of New Greenham Park, a business park occupying the vacated buildings from the former military base has enabled Greenham Common Trust to support the restoration and conservation of the very particular landscape and wildlife habitat of Greenham Common.

This camera at Greenham Common remained in place intermittently for 12 months, harvesting images over the course of the year from April 2005.
Each image has been collected from top to bottom and left to right in horizontal bands continuously, with different tonal horizontal bands recording fluctuations in light and movement throughout the day and with broad bands of black depicting nighttime. Stray pixels appear in the image where a bird, person, car or other unidentifiable object may have passed in front of the webcam as the pixel was captured.
A selection of these images can be found in the Fenlandia archive.

fenlandia at Greenham Common was realised with additional support from SCAN and featured in Close Proximity at New Greenham Arts in 2005

A second camera was installed in February 2005 in Bracknell, Berkshire [more...]

live image from Greenham Common

Greenham Common, Berkshire, 18th May 2005 © susan collins

This image was collected at the rate of a pixel every second. It depicts the previous 21 hours and 20 mins (approx.) in horizontal bands.
Please note: The camera at Greenham Common is now offline.



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