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Two webcams have been installed in Silicon Fen, one rural and one in a hi-tech business park. The hi-tech location for Silicon Fen is Cambourne Business Park (right) who have kindly agreed to lend their existing webcam.

This webcam harvested images pixel by pixel from January 2005 -January 2006.
Each image was collected from top to bottom and left to right in horizontal bands continuously, encoding the landscape over time, recording fluctuations in light and movement throughout the day (and night).
It was set to record a pixel every second, so that the whole image is made up of individual pixels collected over approximately 21 hours and 20 minutes.

The work explores the relationship between landscape, time and technological innovation in East Anglia’s ‘Silicon Fen’, where technology is literally embedded in the flat horizons of a reclaimed landscape of canals, sluices, dykes and ditches.

A selection of images from Cambourne can be found in the Fenlandia archive.

The rural location for Silicon Fen was Sutton Gault in Cambridgeshire where a camera was placed on the roof of the Anchor Inn for a year from May 2004 until May 2005. Click here to view the archive images from Sutton Gault.

recorded image from Cambourne

Cambourne Business Park, 11th April © Susan Collins 2005

This image was collected at the rate of a pixel every second. It depicts the previous 21 hours and 20 mins (approx.) in horizontal bands.


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