Transporting Skies - New Work by Susan Collins

Has been made possible with the kind help and support of the following organisations and individuals:

Emily Ash, who invited me to do the project and has been endlessly enthusiastic and supportive throughout

The installation team at Newlyn and Site, led by Adrian Fogarty, Blair Todd (Newlyn), and Matt Jarvis (Site Gallery) who were all wonderful,inventive, good humoured and fantastic to work with, and without whom there would not have been a show.

Simon Schofield for the programming that made the pixel piece possible (and Matt Jarvis for making it 'visible')

Steven Newell of Artfull Glass for the beautifully made glass bowl projection surfaces

Peter Ride for his thoughtful essay

Simon Bradshaw and the team at MITES for technical and projection advice

Tom Lomax for his smoke ring invention which in the event hasn't become part of this show, but I hope will be part of future work.

Tim Head for advice and support and pixelvision...

Jeanine Griffin and the team at Site Gallery for taking the project on and doing so much to help make it work

Liz Knowles and the team at Newlyn for making it happen

This exhibition was initiated by Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance and made possible through funding from the National Touring Programme of the Arts Council of England with additional practical support from the Slade Centre for Electronic Media


Newlyn Art Gallery, New Road, Newlyn, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 5PZ UK
from Nov 2nd to Dec 5th 2002

Site Gallery, 1 Brown Street, Sheffield S1 2BS UK
from Nov 2nd to Nov 30th 2002


Left: view from Newlyn Art Gallery 29/10/02 - 30/10/02 and Right: view from Site Gallery, Sheffield 14/11/02 - 15/11/02

The images have been captured pixel by pixel from left to right and top to bottom of the image.
Darker bands represent changes in light evolving horizontally across the image.
The broad band of black above shows nighttime with the lights of Penzance visible
as a white streak on the left hand side of the image, with the bright blue band beneath
showing this days sunrise.

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