Classroom of the Future

Mossbrook Special School, Sheffield, England

architects impression of the new classroom interior


A unique opportunity to create a new learning environment, the new classroom at Mossbrook Special School is a Science teaching space, designed for learning about the natural environment through direct interaction with it. The school is situated in the green belt, and the new classroom is sited overlooking a wildlife lake which is a valuable teaching resource. The classroom is for children from Mossbrook as well as children from other Sheffield schools and has been designed to meet the full range of educational needs with facilities to reach out to children with severe learning difficulties as well as extending the most able pupil.

Architect Sarah Wigglesworth has designed a building which is in itself a tactile and interactive environment. She was awarded an RSA Art for Architecture award to work collaboratively with artist Susan Collins on integrating an interactive visual arts element into the infrastructure of the building.
This website documents this aspect of the Classroom of the Future and the outcomes of the Art for Architecture collaboration.