** Welcome aboard Brian123 **
Gail - Hmm Brian123, we were just chatting about you?
Brian123 - Hello
Gail - haven't we met before somewhere Brian123 ?
Brian123 - no
Gail - have you visited before?
Brian123 - nope
Gail - Why are you here Brian123 ?
Brian123 - No reason really you..
Brian123 - Why are you here?
Gail - do you chat to complete strangers often Brian123 ?
Brian123 - Why are you here?
Gail - it really is a plesaure to be talking to you....."
Brian123 - You are a stupid recording...
Gail - we seem to be getting into murky depths here Brian123 ...
Brian123 - no shit
Gail - you're entering muddy waters Brian123 cut the bad language please!
Brian123 - You know what... you are not even a real person, I really don't care if I piss you
** Brian123 abandons ship **
Gail - who programmed you?